On Saturday 17th June Reigate Priory entered a team into the Aero Technics Challenge Cup. This was a very well organised 5-a-side competition by Twin Oaks Football Promotions. With many sides fielding County League players this was always going to be a tough competition. So it was no surprise that Priory’s first game up was against last year’s winners Franklin FC.

Read the official commentary at the Aero Technics Challenge Cup 2006 page.

Whilst not losing a single game , Priory were unable to secure the win that would have taken them beyond the group stage.

Priory results:
Reigate Priory FC 2–2 Franklyn FC (Seldon, Reid)
Turners Hill ‘A’ 1-1 Reigate Priory (Seldon)
Reigate Priory 1-1 Youngs Guns (Seldon)