Well Priory Vets had their second outing in a matter of weeks with a return visit to Croydon, this time against Farleigh Vets.

The morning started with Nick Hale stating he knew a quick way to the ground but forgot to inform anybody of the directions and lost the whole convey on route.

However the weather was good for Priory’s trip to Addington, Croydon. As the sun started to rise above the burnt out cars and baron countryside Priory were prepared for another tough encounter.

There were a number of changes from the previous line up, some enforced, some new additions to the squad with Avery, Beckett, Norris and Besley not available and Udall, Moberg joining the team.

Prioriy were in a changed strip of Black and Red stripes facing Farleigh in their Blue and Black stripes. At first glance you might have mistaken this match for the Milan derby, but anybody watching would have realised after 5 minutes that this was not the case.

Team Manager “Pepi” Lomas had decided to go for a 4-5-1 formation, on the basis to hold the opposition for the first 20 minutes of the game, plus Priory only had one striker!

The first 10 minutes of the game saw all the action down Johnny Vezza’s side of the pitch, which was a worry. Especially as Vezza played a one two with Wilmot but on the return pass he forgot to tell Wilmot where he was passing to and the ball went straight out of play. Dan Udall called for the ball to be played to his feet from a Vezza throw in only to find an exocet of a ball coming to him at head height. He has been complaining of a neck injury ever since.

After 20 minutes Priory found themselves 2-0 despite a keenly fought contest. The slightly more “youthful” vets of Farleigh were proving to be too quick for the Priory. Also with Ray “Chairman” Connolly in goal any shots that were directed at him a foot level were expertly saved. Anything that involved diving went straight in.

The second half saw Priory revert to a traditional 4-4-2 in order to provide some company for our lone striker Chatfield.

The second half was a more keenly fought match but as the game opened up Priory’s offside trap was caught short on a number of occasions and soon Priory were 4-0 down.  However we are unsure as to what the Priory linesman was up to and even the opposition asked “was he just flagging down planes in the sky”!.

The hard work of Taylor and Turner paid off in the end when a neat set of passing was finished off by Turner running into the penalty box and slotting home a great goal.

Well with two defeats on the trot if this was Stamford Bridge surely the manager would have gone by now. But the manager and the team live to take on our next opponents.