Well having not won a single game in 2012 Priory Vets decided on a different strategy by accepting the kind offer from Sevenoaks Vets to play on Astroturf under floodlights. This was a calculated risk given Priory knew very little about Sevenoaks vets, and even less about playing on Astroturf!!

A glorious summers evening (remember that one) in a leafy part of Kent provided the ideal football conditions.

The evening didn’t get off to a great start when vets regular Lee Wilmot called in saying he couldn’t make it to due to being stuck in traffic on the M1 (nobody has seen him since). Not only that but all of Priory’s regular goalkeepers where on holiday, either that or they didn’t fancy playing on Astroturf.

The squad consisted of: Kelvin B, Brian F, Daren T, Nick T, Ray C, Ken Y, Johnny “Beresi” V, Nick H, Rob B, Mark N, Stuart P, Nick Hamilton, Nigel L.

Nigel “Hodgson” Lomas having studied the England games in great detail from the comfort of the Priory bar went for a 4-4-2 formation, even though the squad in terms of players was more set up for a 6-4-3!

The game got off to a competitive start with the Priory enjoying the early possession, even if the players first touch was a bit rusty. Kelvin B proved to be more than a capable replacement in goal. Priory played some neat football (honestly!) and were unlucky not to get on the score sheet early one. The deadly combination of Mark N and Ray saw a great chance fall to Ray with only the goalkeeper to beat whilst on the edge of the 6 yard box, but for some unknown reason he ran out of energy when it actually came to making a shot!.

The game was played in a friendly spirit until Ray decided to have an “altercation” with a Sevenoaks defender that required the referee to “have a word”.!

The deadlock was finally broken with a Rob B free kick that found its way into the bottom corner of the net. At 1-0 the game was still in the balance.

The second half saw Ray go in goal (grave mistake) and Kelvin come onto the outfield. Again Sevenoaks continued to press but without creating too many clear cut chances (although Johnny V did his best to help them!). The Priory defence of Nick H, Stuart P, Kelvin B held the line with well with Nick T, Nick H, Rob B, Darren T, Brian F taking greater control of the game, although for some reason Brian F seemed to be impersonating Didier Drogba and spent quite a bit of time on the floor.

In the end Priory got a second goal from a corner, scored by Darren T.

Even stranger things occurred when all of a sudden Ken Y found himself on the end of a decent ball and he nipped in before the Sevenoaks keeper to slot the ball home (apparently having recited this story to his daughter she is still not convinced her dad actually scored!).

Priory were also awarded a penalty and panic set in (nobody had trained for this!). Up stepped Rob B who managed to blast the ball wide of the post. However Nick T came to the rescue to slot home the fourth goal (yes that’s right – fourth goal!!).

At this point a very bizarre event occurred. Whilst the Priory were getting back to their positions from the restart all of a sudden there was an almighty cheer from Sevenoaks whom had scored!?!? The Priory players turned around to see the ball in the net with the keeper (Ray!) walking back to his goal from some 30 yards out having been beaten straight from the half way line (it would have been an instant You Tube hit!!).

The team celebrated the very rare event of a win, scoring 4 goals (and not conceding more than 4 goals), being awarded a penalty……and Ken scoring.