Well Sunday saw Priory Vets again on their travels, this time playing away to Oxshott Vets…at Chelsea’s training ground in Cobham!! As you can imagine this fixture created considerable interest and Priory had no problem getting a squad together for this game

Having managed to get past security at the ground Priory were impressed with the whole set up at Cobham, and even though we were on the farthest pitch at the complex (think Chelsea were worried in case anybody saw the standard of football on show!), the facilities were excellent. What with playing on a near perfect pitch there was no excuse for the Priory this game! Just to add to the occasion Oxshott Vets came out in a Chelsea kit.

Priory’s squad for this game consisted of:

D Peters, K Beckett, A Chapman, D Udall, N Lomas, M Peters, D Turner, N Taylor, G Moberg, R Connolly, N Hamilton, B Freeman, J “Baresi” Vezza, A Norris, S Porte.

The game got off to a fare pace with the match evenly poised for the first 10 minutes. However from this point Oxshott started to look a strong attacking force and began putting pressure on the Priory defence.  Even with Ray Connolly back in the team spearheading the attack Priory were overplaying the ball to their strikers (not that Ray was ever going to get on the end of any of them!).

Despite this pressure it was Priory who took the early lead after a penalty was awarded for hand ball. Nick Taylor put the Priory ahead. After this the pressure was back on the Priory. As a result of sloppy play from the Priory Oxshott were able to clinically finish a number of chances and soon Priory found themselves 3-1 down despite the best efforts of Dan Peters in goal.

Priory made a number of changes at half time which resulted in things getting worse! Again Oxshott were strong on the counter attack and they took the lead even further. At 5-1 Priory started to come back into the game and created their best chances. Unfortunately these fell to Stuart Porte! Receiving the ball in the 6 yard box with only the keeper to beat Stuart somehow managed to hit the cross bar (his club record now stands at 700 shots, 5 on target, no goals). A “Van Persie ”  type corner from Kelvin Beckett beat the Oxshott defence and Stuart Porte just missed the ball at the back post (701 shots, 5 on target, no goals).

Priory again made a number of changes with Chapman and Peters in the centre of midfield, Hamilton on the right wing (after replacing Freeman with an injury, nothing to do with falling down this time). Nick Taylor joined Ray Connolly up front yet a second goal was not forth coming.

The match saw a couple of strange moments. Ray Connolly was suddenly seen lying down at the edge of the touch line, apparently he tripped over something (his own feet). He denied it was anything to do with the fact that the wife was away and he was seen out late on Saturday night at the Priory Xmas event.

Also this game saw the first time appearance of Johnny “Baresi” Vezza’s Pantofola D’Ora Italian handmade football boots (“they are like slippers”). Not wishing to get them dirty he managed to avoid a puddle on the pitch by tip towing around it, totally oblivious to the left winger of Osxhott running straight past him and on to goal.

Despite a final score line of 6-1 to Oxshott Priory thoroughly enjoyed the game in Cobham. In fact the manager, Nigel Lomas, left the ground with a nice warm feeling from the afternoon…..or was that the deep heat Kelvin Beckett had put in his boxer shorts!!!