And the winner of the award goes to:

Jamie Williams: winner of a clock for always being late
James Leask: winner of a bar of soap for no after game shower, ever
Chris Berne: winner of a plastic jug to collect beer as the top goal scorer
Martin Forsyth: winner of the donkey shirt for saying to a ref “did you see that with your own ears”
Jason Woolsey: winner of nail varnish for best painted toe nails
Luke Reid: winner of the player most looking like Kevin Nolan & Gary Cahill
Steve Beckett: winner of the most timber
Nigel Lomas: winner of a sim card for the most mobile player
Marek Kouts: winner of the Jimmy S****** award for the most inappropriate touches
Michael Walker: winner of a monopoly get out of jail card
Paul Fatkin: winner of Jimmy Nails Crocodile Shoes