Detailed below is a summary of a number of points that were discussed at the clubs recent AGM that took place on Tuesday 4th June:

Teams for 2013-14 Season:

It was confirmed that the Senior Section of the club will put out 5 teams on a Sat, and 2 on a Sunday:

Saturday: 1st Team Managers: Andy Davies & Mark Peters, Reserves: Kelvin Beckett: A Team: Marc Connolly, B Team: Tony Evans, C Team: Brian Freeman.

Sunday: Sunday 1st: Chris Comben, Vets 35: Nigel Lomas & Johnny Vezza

The Youth Section confirmed that there would be an increase from 13 to 15 teams this year:

Ranging from Under 9’s through to Under 18’s with every age group catered for in between.


FA Standard Charter:

The Youth section confirmed that they will apply for the FA Standard Charter this year. In accordance with the FA’s guidelines the Youth Section are again organising for FA Level 1 training for all of their managers to take place in Sept. There will be some 24 places allocated so if you are interested in attending please email Richard Stephens at (07801 401268).

The Senior section will also look at the criteria for achieving Standard Charter as well.


Club Fees:

Given the rise in the general running of the club, increase in referee fees, rental of more pitches etc. the club agreed that the charge for this season will be that every player pays £10 per game for the duration of the season. This will off course cover all match day fees, washing of kits, use of club facilities etc. (for confirmation of 1st team fees please contact Andy Davies or Mark Peters)


Club Officers:

The following were re appointed as Club Officers:

President: Jes Chandler

Chairman: Ray Connolly

Treasurer: Ian Stemp

Club Secretary: Bill Comben

Vice Chairman: Nigel Lomas

Club Welfare Officer: Alison Porte

Youth Section Chairman: Richard Stephens