Sunday saw Priory Vets host Highfield Old Boys at home. Despite the need for a pitch inspection by the referee Ian Stemp at 8am the game went ahead.

There were a number of changes to the squad from Priory’s last outing at Farnborough Old Boys, with Stuart Porte and Ray Connolly coming into the squad, and Craig Wheeler and David Mizon returning. Stuart Lawson was only allowed to start the game after having to apologise to Ray Connolly for calling him a @*%£*&$!?*&^” in a recent game he refereed.

Coming into this match Priory were feeling confident having won the last 4 games. Despite this it was bought to the attention of player manager Nigel Lomas that his tenure as Manager was in question in view of the current spate of Premiership Managerial dismissals. In return Lomas stated that his main concern was not the team but whether the jacket potatoes he put in the oven for after the game were ready. Was Delia Smith right in suggesting the combination of rock salt and oil in producing the perfect jacket potatoes?

The game got off to a good start for the Priory who passed the ball around confidently. However it wasn’t long before Highfield started to show what they were about when a ball over the Priory defence went straight to a pacey striker who went close with his effort.

In fact Highfield had the best early chance when a speculative long range shot looked like it was going in, only to be thwarted by a great save from Priory keeper Simon Avery. His agility was surprising as he had spent the last couple of months on a sun bed in Fuerteventura. His only activity had been in getting up to order a pina colada. His yellow jersey showed off his sun tan well.

Priory started to get a better grip on the game and saw normal service resume with Brian Freeman falling over for no apparent reason. He was also seen falling over in the opponents goal 5 minutes later…….for no apparent reason.

The midfield combination of Freeman, Lawson, Turner and Taylor started to see more of the ball and Priory created a number of good chances…well the good chances were the ones that fell to Wheeler and not Club Chairman Ray Connolly. A ball in from the right found the diving header of Nick Taylor to make it 1-0 to the Priory.

Highfield continued to pass the ball around well and put pressure on the Priory defence of Lomas, Chapman, Mizon and Norris. Lawson was back to his usual self as he called the referee and fellow club member Ian Stemp a @*%£*&$!?*&^”

The second half saw Priory take further control of the game despite Ray Connolly coming back onto the pitch. With a changed team also now including King and Porte, Priory quickly took the lead. The ball fell lose to Wheeler who hit a great shot into the top corner of the Highfield net leaving the goalkeeper with no chance. This was followed shortly by a cross, come shot, from the far side of the pitch from Darren Turner which loped over the goalkeeper into the far left hand corner of the net (he’s still claiming it was a shot!)

At this point Johnny Vezza was back on the pitch and his lovely wife Sue was watching him play for the first time ever. However she forgot her glasses and couldn’t really see Johnny on the other side of the pitch. When she enquired as to whether that was him speeding down the wing it was pointed out that this in fact was the opposing winger running past her husband!.

Highfield started to push players forward in an attempt to get back in the game and most of the play was in Priory’s own half. King and Porte put in some notable challenges. Lomas then played a ball down the channel to Wheeler in space who ran at the Highfield defence and found David Mizon in the penalty area to slot the ball home to make it 4-0.

Priory’s hopes of keeping a clean sheet were dashed by the every resilient Highfield attack who won a free kick on the edge of the Priory box. Whilst Chapman and Avery were having a detailed chat about where to place the wall Highfield had put the ball into the net to make it 4-1.

With the game won the Priory Chairman decided that since he ran the club he was able to take himself on and off whenever he felt like it, causing confusion all-round.

Another win for the Priory Vets was celebrated with some great home cooking from Kristina Agate and Sue Vezza, whom we would like to thank along with Delia Smith for some great baked potatoes.

Squad: Avery, Chapman, Norris, Lomas, Mizon, Vezza, Lawson, Turner, King, Taylor, Freeman, Connolly, Porte, Wheeler.

Scorers: Taylor, Wheeler, Turner, Mizon.

Referee: Ian Stemp

Next Game: At home v Oxshott Vets on Sunday 19th January.