The day began with our inaugural Awards interclub friendly played at Netherne. A keenly fought game ended with only one goal in it between the two teams, finishing as it did 10 – 9. Footage to feature soon on YouTube.

The day then moved to our Reigate home for the FA Cup final and a BBQ. Any reports of stomach unrest can be traced to the copious amounts of alcohol, not messrs Phillips and Comben’s culinary skills.

Once Arsenal had silenced the mob from Birmingham the real entertainment began with the awards for the 2014/15 season. A full list of winners are below, but the highlights and news from the evening involved the major announcement that both Andy and Mark would be stepping down as managers of the first team for the 2015/16 season. It goes without saying what an amazing job they’ve done taking us from park to intermediate football in the nine years they have been in charge. Moving up from the reserves will be Kelvin and Aaron and we look forward to the forthcoming season. There was also a special mention for the three men that keep the club running with the less than glamorous roles of Chairman (Ray Connolly), Treasurer (Ian Stemp) and fixtures secretary (Bill Comben). The reserve team also managed to win the Surrey Elite Reserve Division sportsman cup, in spite of management’s best efforts.

Awards Day Photos

Clubman Of The Year
Marc Connolly
2015-05-30 20.32.18

First Team Players Player
Mark Halsey
2015-05-30 20.54.35

First Team Manager’s Player
Matt Flynn
2015-05-30 20.53.18

Reserve Team Players Player
Michael ‘The People’s Champion’ Walker
2015-05-30 20.47.19

Reserve Team Managers Player
Ryan Stratton
2015-05-30 20.42.45

A Team Players Player
Michael Williams
2015-05-30 20.35.08

A Team Manager’s Player
Stu Porte
2015-05-30 20.36.49

B Team Players PLayer
Ben Smythe
2015-05-30 20.19.40

B Team Manager’s Player
Josh ‘JD’ Doughty
2015-05-30 20.20.52

Sunday Team Players Player
Luke Reid
2015-05-30 20.31.43

Sunday Team Manager’s Player
James ‘JP’ Polley
2015-05-30 20.30.31