Club Structure

Jez Chandler

Ray Connolly

Bill Comben

Treasurer (Park Lane)
Bill Comben

Vice Chairman
Marc Connolly

Vice Chairman
Chris Comben

Match Day Secretary
James Richardson

Commercial Secretary
Nathan Phillips

Head Of Social Committee
Michael Walker

The First and Reserve teams will again play in the Surrey Elite Intermediate and Reserve Divisions.
The As and Bs will play in the Surrey South East Combination Junior Divisions.

A big thanks to Ian Stemp for his 50 years of loyal service.


The management structure remains the same, but with new first team managers.

First Team
Dave Gellatly / Andy Brewer

Reserve Team
Dave Harwood / Tristan Davis

A Team
Marc Connolly / Angus Milne

B Team
Nathan Phillips / Aaron Morris

Nigel Lomas

New Pricing

There will be a slight increase in the annual membership fee from £40 to £45, however each member will be given an official club garment to be warn before matches which is theirs to keep. The match fees will remain as before.

The first team charges will also change for the 16/17 season. There will now be an £85 annual membership for first teams players but no match fees. When a player is demoted to a lower side they will be able to play 4 games without having to pay a match fee. Once they have used those 4 games they will be eligible for a £10 charge per game unless it is for the first team again.

Students will be charged half the annual membership, but full match day per game costs. Junior team players will not have to pay the annual membership at all, but will have to pay full match day per game costs.

There will be three registration periods, two after training and another on a Saturday. During that time players will sign on for leagues, give us their contact details and pay at least half of the annual subs. If there are no annual subs paid they will not be eligible for selection. The remaining annual subs will be collected by February at the latest.


As confirmed in the survey communication will be improved. All players e-mail addresses will be added to a club mailing list for social and club matters. With information backed up with a new and improved website with up-to-date information.

Social Committee

The previous role of social secretary will be expanded to a social committee. There will be a full social calendar produced so dates are known before hand and well publicised. Michael Walker retains the position as social secretary with the rest of the committee made up of Paul Hayter, Ryan Stratton, Juan Carlos and Aisha Eckford-Soper.


The membership card scheme will be continued this season for both senior and youth members. The current sponsors will hopefully be retained as well as new businesses added. Again it is imperative players use the cards at every opportunity to enable us to retain and attract further sponsorship.

Players bringing in over £200 sponsorship for the season will be excused their annual membership subscription.


This season the youth section will have 25 teams, up from last seasons 21. The committee agreed that we need to increase the links between youth and adult, with that in mind from Under 16 up will be invited to attend pre-season training and under 17 upwards will be offered the chance to sign on and play for the senior sides as well as their youth teams.

The higher age groups will also have senior players aid with selected training sessions to increase the familiarity with senior players.


The club will be painted inside and outside at the end of June over a weekend and a few evenings too. The floor will be redone and the aim is to install new lighting. The ladies toilets will also be completely refitted.