On Thursday night, 1st September, the management and admin committees met to discuss the start of the season and to react to the numbers that have been to training. While we have run a 4th side for a number of years, and a 5th at one point, the club has not always been able to maintain that number of sides. We can only provide football for the amount of people that want it and unfortunately we’ve had to now remove the B team, leaving us with the 1st, reserves and A team.

The 1st and reserves managers will remain the same as will the divisions they play in, the new A team will be managed by Nathan Phillips and Aaron ‘3’ Morris with Marc Connolly concentrating on his role as vice chairman.

The unfortunate up shot of this decision has been financial. While we were committed to the 1st team not having to pay individual match fees, with the rest of the club covering the shortfall, this is now no longer possible. It was always going to be a stretch of our limited resources but with only 2 teams supporting this instead of 3 this has proved to be impossible. Therefore the 1st team will now have to pay the same rates as the rest of the club.

As we move to Crawley for training on AstroTurf under floodlights it is worth mentioning this costs the club £110 per session per week, which is obviously a huge cost. We encourage everyone to attend training not only to improve as players and to enjoy what you are paying for as members but to also have fun and help build club spirit.

We have just purchased 40 new Mitre training balls and will also bring in more high quality match balls in the coming weeks.

Off the field we continue to work hard, with sponsorship confirmed from Linkfield Physio and Clove Restaurant again for the season, as well as new link up with The Vine King bringing high quality wines to the club as well as a wine tasting evening. We are still exploring many other avenues of sponsorship and of course anything we get is put straight back into the club for the use of our members.

We will continue to keep you all updated via email and the website, our upcoming fixtures for the 1st and reserves are below, with the A Team fixtures still to be confirmed. We are hoping to be able to play our first game of the season at Park Lane on the last week of September but this is yet to be confirmed by the Cricket Club.

Fixtures for next few weeks of September are :

10th – Ripley Village (A)
17th – Yateley United (H)

10th – Virginia Water Reserves (H)
17th – Abbey Rangers Reserves (A)

10th – RH Athletic (A) – depending on outcome of team withdrawal.

Thanks very much,
Chris Comben.