Back on the 11th November 1871, Jarvis Kendrick scored the first ever goal scored at West Ham Park for Clapham Rovers against Upton Park, and the FA Cup was born. Through generations and generations of football lovers the FA Cup has captured the hearts of a nation and the football world.

A select number of the inaugural clubs from the worlds most famous football up competition have got together to celebrate it’s special 150th anniversary. 

To commemorate this prestigious milestone a brand new competition and format of “the beautiful game” has been developed – “The Generation Cup” which celebrates inclusiveness as an exciting blend of youth and experience. 

This new competition is “father and son” football where club legends of yesterday share the same pitch with present day players. The ultimate dream team!

Each team can have a maximum of 5 players under 40 and a minimum of 3 players over 50. Creating a unique blend of players in each team ensures a level playing field, so teams from the bottom of the pyramid can compete with those at the very top.